Grants Awarded


Since 2007, over $365,000 was provided in grants to assist creative educators with innovative projects that would not have been funded through the county or state. 

2021 Grants Awarded


Flexible Seating (Lindsey Campbell – Latin Teacher)

  • Standing Table & 2 stools, 4 Bosu balls, and a Standing Table Conversion
  • Completing a classroom transformation to improve learning environment

AppleTV for Classroom Interaction (10th Grade) (Donna Stimpson – Chemistry Teacher)

  • 5 iPads, pencils, and AppleTV to provide functionality in 5 classrooms
  • Use of better technology (Upgrade from smartboards) allows teachers to move around the room and interact more effectively with students while teaching. Shared among other clubs/groups as well

Flexible Seating Classroom (11th Grade) (Samantha Mihlak, Shelton Steele – Special Ed. Teachers)

  • 12 Yoga Ball chairs, 2 standing desks, 3 bean bag chairs, & adjustable activity table
  • Flexible seating helps keep students engaged and promotes better learning.

Energy Pathway Science Upgrade (Stephen Beall – Energy/Science Teacher)

  • 6 Rolling Storage Cabinets
  • Enable new classroom with the appropriate storage and surface space for Energy Pathway students. Continues grant to middle schools from 3 years ago.

Collaborative Study Zones in the Media Center (Monica Brown – Media Specialist)

  • 8 Mobile tables to replace current wooden ones to allow for better flexibility in creating collaborative and individual learning environments

Training Leaders – In and Out of the Classroom (Rod Hames)

  • Habitudes books, rolling cart, and training sessions
  • Teaching leadership skills and character qualities to students and training teachers to expand to other classes


Climate Transformation (Garrece Walker – School Counselor, Melissa Robertson – 6th Grade)

  • Implementation of a new PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) program schoolwide.
  • Costs cover Physical costs (stamps, Ink, tally sheets, printing costs), Planning/PD days for staff, and Incentives

Reading Recovery Team (Kim Camuso, Stephanie Smith, Andrea Hopf – Reading Recovery)

  • 30 or more book bundles (multiple books and tiles for each) to be shared across subject areas and grade levels
  • Providing a greater variety of books to support the Reading Workshop Model.

4th Grade Co-Lab Improvements (Brittany Yancey – 4th Grade)

  • 4 desks, 4 wobble chairs, 6 wiggle seats, 7 bookshelves & book baskets
  • Will help provide better storage and accessibility in all 4th grade classrooms.

Guided Reading Enhancement Project (Jennifer Wood, Laine Daffin, Vickie Rowe – Kindergarten)

  • 3 book bundles to increase titles and all ow students to read new books and take them home.
  • Shared among all Kindergarten classes

1st Grade Level Student Texts (Catherine Noble, Anne Marino, Michelle Godfrey, Maggie Neal – 1st Grade)

  • 4 book bundles to expand Units of Study classroom lessons currently being taught, providing more books available to help student progress in their reading skills more quickly.
  • Also, several book boxes and bins for storage
  • Shared among entire 1st grade

Chromebooks for Higher Learning (Jennifer Mimms – Tech. Coordinator)

  • 25 Chromebooks & charging station
  • To be used for the STEAM Lab
  • For all grade levels to enhance individual learning opportunities through technology

Keyboarding and Coding Skills (Allen Bullock – Tech. Teacher)

  • Software licensing of Kodable & Type Dojo to upgrade from free versions currently being used
  • Expand the functionality of these for use with Coding and Typing clubs (all grades)

Robots and Million Word Club (Shann Griffith – Media Specialist, Robotics Coach)

  • School has seen significant growth in reading since beginning the program
  • 13 Chromebooks used for Reading quizzes
  • Robots, & additional robot parts for expanding program (Incentive for readers)
  • Hats for Million Word Readers

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